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Smelling the roses

I've put off writing while trying to think of a topic but nothing has come to mind. Then I realized that's a good thing. Of course, good writing is filled with drama and conflict but good living isn't. When things are going well, we need to let out a relaxed breath, recognize that things are good and enjoy it. Too many people live from one disaster to the next, worrying about what will go wrong, emersed in damage control so much they can't see daylight. But I'm an eternal optimist. Of course, there will be downturns again. Such is life. But everyone in this house is firing on all cylinders and it shows.

Tio is conscientious about getting good grades and high marks for his behavior in each class. He's loving football and getting along well with this brothers. Kit is also doing well with his courses, enjoying good relationships with friends and showing signs of maturity that are age approriate. Doc is in a great mood most days, loves to go to school (lamenting today that he couldn't go on weekends), showing a great sense of humor. As for the adults? Tish started her full time job this week (which means a bit more money), Buddy is really pitching in to help out more and getting along great with the boys, and I'm looking forward to a busy winter keeping the household humming with my new kitchen, organization of the downstairs apartment and other projects I'm finally getting out of the way. At the same time, I'm totally engaged in the art I'm creating in the flute shop so that my creative imagination is satisfied.

It has taken 2 years of struggle and hope and hard work but we've come a long way and before we sail down into another trough, we need to recognize and celebrate how far we've come and where we are.

Pizza anyone?