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10 little things

In light of yesterday's post on death and loss, I'd like to remind everyone that while living being human can be tough, we should all savor what we can as each day goes by. Sure, there's our health and our kids and love and career to be thankful for but I'm referring to the little things we shouldn't let pass us by.

Here's a list of 10 little things I'm thankful for (or at least enjoy) from day to day.
In no particular order:
Jokes. I love hearing the grandsons use their sense of humor and my wife's laughter when I find her funnybone. Funny comic strips do it for me, too.
Beer. I do enjoy a glass of beer. That first tangy sip, the little buzz, the fizz. But 2 or 3 are definitely enough.
My view. Outside my front window is a great ridge of hills over the tree line. It changes every day with the day light, snow, clouds, green of summer and moonlight. A true gift.
Naps. I only get 4 or 5 hours sleep at night so I need my nap but I've always enjoyed an afternoon kip. Something I inherited from my dad.
The starry sky. Speaking of spectacular views. Countless nights out there with my telescope seeing things that boggle the imagination and inspire.
Cheese. Nice stuff, cheese. All kinds. Sharp, moldy, creamy, you name it. Yum.
My pup, Bunnie. Never thought I could care so much for a dog since I lost Archie but cuddling with Bunn is a treat we both relish. I should bathe her more often.
The iPad. Using this touch screen keyboard for writing is lightyears beyond the PC keys.
Movies. I watch and rewatch movies over and over like listening to favorite records. Usually while I work I listen to them without even looking up.
The dishwasher. Man, oh man, how did I survive all this time.

Nothing profound here, but that's the point.