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A Call to Wake Up

I wake up at 7 am every school day whether I want to or not. Why? Because that's when Kit and Doc get up - and they don't get along. Tio takes an earlier bus and is gone by then. But the other 2 make up for his absence with quite a show. This morning Doc was in tears feeling sorry for himself because he has to come home on the bus instead of going to his afternoon group. Kit gives his old man a run for his money most mornings with some serious passive aggressive 'tude. "I can't find my shoes" "I forgot to go to the bathroom" ”I need to..." and so forth all at the last minute while Buddy screams and pleads about being late and having to hustle. The bus stop is 250 feet down the road and Buddy feels the need to drive them (and they say Americans are out of shape!) so Kit manages to make sure dad is about to go insane before the 30 second drive down the road.

I still have to intervene to get things to run smoothly, even though I'm not there. For instance, last night while tucking the little crackerjack into bed I let him know that I was on to him. "You ride your dad deliberately without even being provoked. I can hear it in your voice from upstairs. Like it's just a game."
I get no denial from him. On the contrary a slight smirk creases his lips in an attempt to say yes without admitting anything.
"You know how that kid today bullied you just by getting in your way and being a pest?" I said. "Made you feel real bad and you have no idea why he won't stop. Well, that's the same thing. Something inside triggers you to make a scene, even if things are going well."
A light went on over his head. "You mean that kid can't help it?"
"He can help it as much as you can. But you gotta want to."
"Why does he pick on me?"
"He probably doesn't know. He just feels like it. It doesn't make it right and doesn't make it better. But maybe if you think about what you do to dad, you'll at least understand better how it happens to you."

I don't know how much got through, but I heard singing wafting up from him this morning and they got to the bus stop without a fuss.