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Another bitter tragedy close to home

The boys maternal grandmother died today. They heard the news this morning and have been trying to understand it all day.

Janet was a quiet and gentle woman. We got to know her the first few of years of Buddy and Debbie's marriage but when things started to unravel between them so did our connection to that family. What I knew, heard, and felt about Janet was never anything but positive. She was unassuming, cared deeply for her family. After what I believe has been 40 years here in New Hampshire, she and Grampa moved to Cape Cod only last August.

We haven't heard where or when the memorial service is yet. I guess there's time to sort that out. Same thing for the boys. They haven't had time to even understand what they are feeling. The permanence of death and this huge loss has yet to sink in. They all love her deeply and will miss her for all the years to come.