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Cross generational befuddlement

I'm used to explaining records, a single land line phone in the house, no home computers in the world, or even color TV. But this one caught me offguard.

After watching an old VHS video that had computer ads on in it from the 80's, I was laughing with Tio about how small the memory was on those machines. The ad bragged about having a super fast powerful 128k memory and double density floppy disk drive. "Back then," I said "there was no internet and no broadband."

"Really?" He knew of a time before the internet and computers but this follow up caught me of guard. Then what was the point of having a computer at all if there was no internet?"

I was so surprised at how obvious that answer should have been that I didn't have one ready. So I said, ”I'll let you figure that one out when you need to write papers or make videos or..."

Kids these days.