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A birthday party, a tree trimming, and a funeral

Last Sunday was a strange day where 3 disperate events marked serious change. Change from the past and so the future

I went with Buddy and Sugar to Travis' memorial service while Tish stayed home with the boys. At least 200 people - friends, family and neighbors all paying respects and breaking bread together - filled the Moose lodge. This was a community coming together for closure so that we could all move on recognizing the positive impact that Travis had left on us and letting us see just how diverse a world he had brought together.

On the way to our second stop,o Roman's 7th birthday party, Grammo was talking about Kit's eating problem with the kids. Kit mentioned life in the apartment before they moved in here and how there was never any food in the fridge and how the neighbor across the hall would take food from them if there was any and...
Suddenly, Doc burst in, "I don't want to talk about this anymore," he said.
Grammo asked why.
"Cause it scares me too much and I'm already nervous about going to the party," he replied. What an insight into their past life: a 6 year old recalling life at 4 being so frightening he doesn't want to speak of it.

That evening, when we finally got the pizza ordered and started trimming the tree, Tio seemed disinterested, like a kid too old to trick or treat. Regardless, we put on the carols, pulled out all the old favorite decorations and reminisced about past recollections while dreaming of things to come.

Each one of these events conspired to tie past, present and future together. An untimely death, the family Christmas tree, and a young boy's fear of looking too closely into his own past - only able to move forward.

I guess that's where we all are.