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Ignore that man behind the curtain!

I fell asleep in my chair last night right in the middle of writing my blog. Damn cold. It was a serious ditty that I'll work a little more on before I share. In the meantime...

Kit and I were on our way back from his physical appt. and Tio called. He wanted me to bring his basketball gear down for him for an away game. No big deal in itself. But we're back to having trust issues and he was told to take the bus home this week no matter what.

I pulled into the school parking lot and said to Kit, "Want to see me scare the crap out of Tio?"
He didn't hesitate. "I'm in."

I walked into the gym and told Tio to get his stuff and get in the car. That didn't bode well. Last time I did that he had to stay home from practice. On the way home, I lit into him. "Did someone tell you you could stay at school today?" "Was there some reason you decided do it your way? We made it clear..." etc. etc. I played the pissed off parent who can't seem to get through to the irresponsible kid. You don't get to make those haven't earned the trust...when you're told to..." and so forth.

We pulled up to the house and I asked Kit, "Do you think he should play?"
"Hmmm," says Kit, ever the responsible parent. "Did he get good grades and scores this week?"
"So far," I replied.
"Go get your gear," I told Tio and he was off like a shot.
"I wasn't finished," Kit lamented.
After we dropped the older brother off, I asked, "You think he was scared?"
Kit thought he was.
"Did I overplay it?"
"You mean you weren't really mad?"
"Not in the least. I'm in a good mood. But sometimes I have to push the limit to get through to you guys. Actually being angry isn't really my thing."
"Huh. Do you do that all the time?"
"Often enough."
We sat in silence while I drove him to his afterschool program, wondering if giving him a glimpse at the man behind the curtain who played the great and powerful Oz might be a mistake.
"So," he postulated, "next time you yell at me, I should say 'lean out the mix, Grampy, I get the point'?"
I laughed. "and if I'm really pissed off I can just haul off and cuff you, right?"
"Insolent kid!" he snarled and we both laughed.

Maybe I should leave that curtain drawn just a liiiiitttttllle bit longer.