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Don't stir things up from the bottom of the pot

First day back at school. I got startled out of sleep at 7:am by Kit and Doc fighting followed by Buddy rattling the floorboards shouting "Will you be quiet! You‘ll wake your grandfather up!"

This routine is now a solid 2 years old and I'm really tired of it. After they left for school I couldn't get back to sleep so I spent the day in a 4 hours worth of sleep trance. Since I'm going to be woken up anyway, I guess it's time I get up in the morning again and realign the stars and planets. I told Kit and Doc that I'd be up keeping them in line and getting them off to school. I said I'd be keeping them both on separate floors while they get ready for school. They were not pleased. They like winding each other up, they like winding their dad up, and they like winding up Grammo. They definitely don't like to wind Grampy up. Stirring the Kraken from his slumber only makes things worse. You see, the great and powerful Oz holds too many markers, throws too many privileges their way, and holds all the cards. You don't want to screw with the forces of nature. They'll have to behave, they'll have to smarten up, and they'll have to earn back their mornings.

I've heard wielding power is intoxicating and glorious, that those who have it are loath to give it up and only crave more. Personally, I'd rather get the sleep.