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You can never see a shit storm until it hits

Last night, I made a big pot of split pea soup with the leftover Christmas ham bone. It was yummy. I went to bed at my usual way too late hour and woke up at 5 am with spasms bone rattling pain in the guts that set me on the edge of passing out for the next 4 hours. I thought I had food poisioning from my own hand!

Long story short, Tish and I spent the day at the hospital getting a battery of tests. In the end a catscan told the tale and here I am spending the night in the hospital with an early morning wake up call for a hernia operation. The damn thing twisted my colon and blocked me up worse than flushing a stuffed Spongebob down the toilet.

What a relief. After a day of nailbiting it turned out to be benign enough but it could have been life threatening, or something that needed long term care. It's amazing how 24 hours has the potential to so completely change the direction of a life.

The other great thing? I don't have to throw away the soup!