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A week away can make a world of difference

All three boys are going away tomorrow morning for the week to stay with their other G-poppa. They're looking forward to it, a little anxious because it is still a fairly new house down on the cape but excited all the same. This is going to be a tough week for me starting chemo and it's better that they aren't here for any number of reasons. When they get back we'll understand a lot more about what to expect and how to mesh them into the new routine.

One thing that I've learned while preparing for this treatment is that there are no standard predictions of what side effects anyone can expect. They all contradict each other: may gain or lose weight; could have diarrhea or constipation; eat dairy and sugar - avoid dairy and sugar, etc, right down the line. It's like they can't make up their mind. Why? Because we all react differently and so there really is no way of knowing until after the fact.

I think the same is true of our emotional reactions, especially with the kids. They really don't know how to react until there is something to react to. So far it's all tests and hypothosis. Cynical as this sounds, I suppose seeing me pale faced over a puke bowl would be something to work with. But much of it will be more subtle than that.

So after they've had a nice break from here, a chance to see their mom and aunt and granddad, we'll have the first round over and done with and will be better able to predict what the coming weeks will bring