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When you lay down with dogs...

Last week I was a bit worried about the chemo treatments for a very unusual reason. I was hearing rumors that one needs to be more cautious around your pets. That I might pick up infectious dirt from my furry loved one while my white cell count couldn't fight off caninus infectius. 

This is troubling not only because we have dogs in our face all the time, 3 to be exact, but they are boistrous, demanding and one in particular is my sweet Bunnie.

Now, to say Bunnie is close to me is like saying fish are close to water or corn is close to the cob. We feed off each other. It's disgusting. I'm not insinuating that she eats at the table or wears clothes or gets treated like a little human - no, she's a dog. But, we do spend some quality time hanging out.

For instance, she sleeps next to me. Not just on the bed but right up lying beside me, her head practically on the pillow and my hand on her belly. By the time I go to bed, being an insomniac, Tish has been asleep for hours so she's still on one side, I'm in the middle and Bunnie takes up the other side.

You can see how it could be difficult to change that routine after years of practice because I need to keep the dogs at a distance. So I asked the doctors about it, admitting my folly and they both said: "do they scratch or bite?" No. "Then don't worry about it. I doubt you're going to get heartworm or distemper from the dog. We don't transmit disease from the animals."

That was a relief. All the same, I'll give her a bath and try to keep her from rolling in her own poop.