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The anagram of Doc is OCD

Poor Doc has a bit of an obsessive/compulsive streak. He's come up with a cough that has gotten worse as I've gotten sick. It started when he got worried after I told everyone that we all have to be careful not to bring any cold or flu into the house because I will be more vulnerable to infection.

He already had a mild allergy to dust or dog fur and he started to overdo it on cue. He'd cough all through supper, careful to put his face into the crook of his arm, and then not cough the rest of the evening, or at school, or anywhere else. After a while, he'd spot me with a sidelong look, when either of us came into a room, and throw out a dry hack or 10. At times it's laughable how earnest he is, at other times, I realize he really can't help himself.

In the meantimer, it's been going on for weeks and he's developed a hoarse throat that turned into a real cough. Good thing I don't have Bakugan's disease or who knows what might have happened to the kid.