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In the Beginning, some dude created the Heavens and the Earth...

We’re back to having issues of trust with Tio. He’s too tempted to do what he wants despite high consequences. So I thought that maybe I could use the parable of Adam and Eve being thrown out of paradise for succumbing to temptation. Just the fact that it’s the very first story of the bible puts a premium on its importance. So I asked if he knew the story. This is what he said:

“Well, they were like these 2 dudes who lived in a great place and like the, I don’t know, the Great One, or somebody who ran the place told them they couldn’t have any of the apples. But Adam really wanted one and there was witch doctor or some dude, I don’t know, maybe he was a devil or dragon -- anyway he kept telling Adam to go ahead. Like he convinced him that he could have the apples. So Adam ate one and then he and Eve had to face reality. Like live in the real world.”

Close enough. Amen.