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And the day isn't over yet...

Are the boys always this boneheaded or was today an exception? It's the first Saturday in a while that I've been left with them and it seemed that at least 2 of them took stupid pills. At one point in the day all 3, plus a friend of Tio's were riding scooters around at the one busy intersection in our tiny village like they were at the skate park with absolutely no concern for the 6 year old's safety (who I didn't even realize was with them at first) or their own. I found out later, after I got down there and broke the party up, that Tio and his friend were playing the "invisible rope game" to make cars think they were holding a wire across the road. Even after drivers stopped and even threatened them with trouble, they kept it up.

I can't believe how ingrained it is that they lie for no reason. I've worked on this for years and they still think there is a gray area, as if telling an unimportant lie is less a lie than something that has consequence. They still haven't connected it to trust. Understandable with Doc because he's so young and doesn't yet understand what trust means. But Tio and Kit need trust to have freedom in their lives and still don't get it no matter how often we go over it.

Adding in the noise and insults and wasting food et. al. was like pouring cold gravy over pork to fill up the corners of my day. I really have been hoping that there would be a magic day when Tio would really get that the world didn't stop at the end of his nose. Not there yet. Surprisingly, Kit was the most well behaved and clear thinking one of the bunch. He didn't create any drama all day long.

Grammo gets home soon and I'll drown my headache in caffeine.