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When what we need to do clashes with what we want to do

Kit's real behavior challenge isn't that he has no self control it's that he doesn't want to have to use it. He wears girl style clothes and attitudes that draw attention because he likes it that way. I know some may think that's a hard thing to say about a kid because we all assume that, given the choice, kids want to fit in. Not necessarily so. This morning, he said he didn't want to take his ADD pill because he missed the drama he used to create.

But last night's confession while tucking him into bed said it all. I told him my sleep schedule seemed to have shifted right now so that I was actually getting up early. "I guess that means I'll see you in the morning before you go to school."

"Oh," he lamented.
"You'd rather I didn't get up?"
"It's not that," he explained. "It's just if you're up I have to behave well."

While it's nice to know he doesn't want to act up in front of me, in the words of Yoda "the force is strong in this one."