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The boys are back in town

The kids returned from their vacation wee looking rested and fine. There was a bit of a flurry over the travel arrangements. Debbie and her father still aren't clear on what "100% supervised visit” means. I hope they can work that out before next time. Other than that things went well and they settled back into routine smoothly.

It was quite different in other ways. In past, I've always settled down and played with new toys, listened to stories and caught up on the gossip. Not today. I had to excuse myself to go lie down and I couldn't touch Doc's toys because he's sniffling. I just listened in from upstairs.

What I heard was quite different from usual. Buddy was in the center of everything and there were no raised voices or backtalk. He was in charge, engaged, and enjoying the whole scene. He made them some lunch, played with Doc, helped Kit set up his MP3 and then packed everyone off to grocery shop and Walmart. 

For the past 2 years that was me and it felt like the torch was being passed to Dad - where it rightfully belongs. There was a pang of loss while I heard them all going about life without me, a feeling of pride that I'd been instrumental in making this possible, and a sigh of relief that I might really be able to hand this job off while I'm ill. Maybe even leave it with him.

We've come a long way, baby.