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I'm Published Again

It's been almost 10 years since anything I've written has been published in a book. Well here's an anthology of grandparenting stories with one of mine in it. Wondrous Child is a great collection of stories from all aspects of grandparenting. The editor, Lindy Hough, has brought together some wonderful stories from all over North America. My contribution is a day in the life on Grampy's Acre (a story many of you may already be familiar with :O) called "The Grampy Diaries".

Visit  Amazon  to get a copy, download it to your Kindle, and read some descriptions and great reviews.

As a footnote, I'm just curious how many readers enjoyed reading "You Pedal, I'll Steer" serialized over the past couple of months. If you could post a note or hit the LIKE button on your link, I'd be ever so grateful.