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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Grampy

The Grampinator, Dirty Grampy Callahan, Hannibal Grampy, Count Grampula, Darth Grampy...

I woke up yesterday with a revelation. I’ve mentioned my disappointment that I’ve had to change my role as ‘fun’ Grampy who gets to spoil the boys with extra treats, play games and so forth to ‘parent’ Grampy, the guy who makes you eat your peas, do your homework, wear your coat and “act your age”. It’s hard to be both. Once they get a taste of taskmaster Grampy, it’s hard to switch back. Also the energy it takes to be the responsible parent just sucked me dry for anything else.

Tish and Buddy taking over the parental role while I go through chemo has lifted a load off my shoulders. They’re conferring and working together to do all the work I did keeping the boys on track so I get to be a plain ol’ Grampy again. Of course, with reduced energy and having to keep distance from infection, we’ll work it out on a different scale but it’s something to look forward to. Something I’ve missed terribly with all three boys.