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Chore Chart

Grammo wants to get some organization into the chores around here so they can keep the place clean and picked up while I'm sick. I think they're in for a bit of a shock.

Kit decided to write it all down on a chart so everyone could pick jobs and split them all up fairly among all four of them. This picture is an 18"x24" that he drew up with colors and arrows and everything. When he was all done, he stuck it to the wall and Grammo said, "That's a lot of stuff to do. We'll have to work hard to get it all done."

Kit asked, "Who did it before?"

"That would be me," I said, "and you haven't mentioned homework help, laundry, driving you guys all over town, school & doctor appointments, and a ton of other stuff."

No wonder I didn't have any time to write or, um, sleep.