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Too much of a fog to blog

It seems my drug addled brain is keeping me from even thinking up much to blog on. Sorry about that. I suspect that means I'll be posting a bit intermittently over the next few weeks while I get this all sorted out. Probably short bits with pictures and video more than brain juice.

Today, a friend brought Chinese food for lunch (and she brought me a snappy little fedora for my egghead!). Tomorrow night we'll have a great supper made by a co-worker of Tish's. Another friend suggested that I watch daytime soaps and use the blog to update everyone. My son-in-law has been coming by and looking after me all week. And my friend who wants me to watch TV for her (I can sniff an ulterior motive a mile off :0) will take Doc off our hands over the weekend to hang out with her boys while Tish and Buddy are at work. I felt well enough to hang out with Tish and the boys this evening and it was the first "normal" feeling evening I've had in a long time.

These are very special people. Thanks everyone.