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25 years of marriage. That's a lot of compromise and communication

On our wedding day a quarter century ago.
My marriage is 25 years old today. Our silver anniversary. Tish's boss gave her the day off and we spent the day together. With all things being as busy and troubled in our world neither of us thought to get the other a gift. We just want to survive this spring and hope there are another 25 years in the offing.

Tish is 8 years older than I am and I think back then people were taking bets that it wouldn't last. Not too many guys were marrying older women. On the other hand, 2 of my 3 brothers married older women and they're still married, too. The third, alas, is not. Neither are any other of the friends and relatives whose weddings I went to around that time. It's no easy job keeping a marriage on track.

Any couple would wonder aloud if they would do it all again given hindsight. With all that's gone on in our lives, Tish and I both said yes. We're in this thing for life.

I love you, Tish.