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It looks like our family is about to get a lot bigger

Bunnie is definitely with child and with child and with child and with child and with child. She’s getting so big she lists hard to starboard when she turns. I think we’re going to have to call the first one “Standing Room Only” because it’ll get shoved right out of her womb. Aside from getting big, her two rows of nipples have turned into rubber pacifiers big enough to satisfy Godzilla’s babies. Meanwhile, I wish the little blighters weren’t pressing so hard on her colon. The constant noise leaking out her butt varies between a hissing balloon to a whining mosquito and both are matched by a very ‘delicate aroma’. Unfortunately for me, chemotherapy has made my nose much more sensitive and I have to push her away.

Gully and Bunnie, our dad 'n mum.
All the same, it’s kind of exciting to think about a litter of pups on the way. The boys want to name them and it’s always fun to hear the types of names they like. Tio wants “Momo” or “Rex”, Kit prefers “Madison” or some other girl’s name, and Doc would go with anyone from Spongebob. It reminds me of when we formed a bike club when Kit was 5 and Tio was 7. Tio said we should name it “Death Kill Riders” and Kit wanted “The Fancy Boys”.

There’s only a week or so to go. I hope I’m up to the job.