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"...and the password is...."

I can't believe how many passwords I have. There's a file on my computer with a list so long my nails grow while I scroll down. Where did they all come from? I don't think I had one password my whole life except for some secret codes my brother and I made up.  Now I have secret words (don't forget the *^@&+#'s you have to put in!). Even so we're still all getting hacked and warned put extra locks on that cyber door.

Here's a good one - last night I was typing in the password for the "parental controls" on the kid's internet access, and I didn't have enough light so I flubbed it. Over my shoulder I hear Tio's voice telling me what the password is! The very audience I was 'parentally controlling’ has my password. This wasn't some 2 letter or birthday password, either. No sir. I had a long phrase like "freezerburnssuck2012". And Tio had it down verbatem.

I had to know how they got it. He said Kit told him. Kit insisted he heard it from Tio. DING. Round one to the kids. I sat 'em both down and made it clear I would understand how they were hacking my password before we got up. Long story short: it's my fault. They hemmed and hawwed and didn't change their tunes but the subtext that became clear was that they keep a cracker eye on that keyboard whenever I was logging in for them. Even when they were told to look away. So they both pieced it together. 

They are born into this generation of cyberspace. You should see how fast kids scan a computer screen and come up with what's relavent. I have to turn away from them when I do any screen work because they are all eyes. Passwords are power. Mote than once Tio has cracked my simpler 4 digit phone codes. How? He was a 12 year old with an afternoon, access to my phone, and nothing better to do.

We always worried that Big Brother was watching over our shoulder. Not so. Let me introduce you to Little Brother.