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"I Was a Canine Midwife for the FBI"

Ten minutes after Tish went to work this morning, Bunnie went into labor. We were cuddling on the bed and she was panting lots and kind of antsy. So we both got into the whelping box (fancy name for a plastic pool with a blanket in it) and she shredded and nested for a couple of minutes and then went into labor. I barely had time to jump out when the first little blue merle puppy slipped out like she was shooting off the water slide a Six Flags. Wheeeeeee!

Bunnie went right into mommy mode and barely had time to clean her off before the next one flew down the shoot and landed on the first. Four in all, three girls and one boy, were born within the hour. Beautiful pups. Bunnie got them all cleaned and fed and off to the races without any help from me. I just held her hand, metaphorically speaking.

Tish was ecstactic about having a black male: that's the one she wants to keep. Because it's May Day we're calling him Mayday "Sammy" Malone. Kit was the first of the kids to see the puppies and we left him to look after them while Tish took me for a follow up shot at the hospital after yesterday's chemo blast. Quite a responsibility for him. He's really looking forward helping raise and train Mayday.

I guess Bunnie and I have our work cut out for us over the next few weeks and then Kit for the next few months.