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A man needs a hobby

The puppies are starting to play together and explore their circular world which is a change from their usual slurp fest followed by nap (repeat as needed throughout the day). To stick with the Cheers motif (Our male pup being named Mayday Sam Malone), Tish named two others Diane and Carla. I went all the way and said we should pronounce them with Boston accents (Doi-anne and Cahlah) like they do on Cheers.

Doc picked up on that right away and started calling the red merle "Doianne" and then wanted to know how to pronounce other words with a Boston accent. It's kind of strange that he picks up on dialect so quickly but he's still slurring his own words. I think it's a bitta laziness oin his paht and'll cleah up soon.

Kit spends a lot of time in the puppy box, playing, hanging out, reading. He's thrilled with them. He's looking forward to training Mayday and being good companions together. It'll take a lot of work and I think he can do it.

Tio was away all weekend. He has fixated on scootering as a pastime. He spends most afternoons and weekends learning tricks and dreaming of his perfect custom built machine.

There's nothing like a passion to get a kid motivated. And it appears they now each have positive ones. It'll keep them out of trouble and their minds engaged. Good for them both.

Hmmmm. Almost time for me to start that serious diet.