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The Troll Under the Bridge

(sorry for not writing this past week. It was my worst chemo week yet. For the past 8 days I haven't wished I could feel well again. Instead, all I wanted was not to feel so bad.)

Let me ease back in with something Tish told me. Driving home yesterday, Doc piped up, "I think Tio is mean, Grammo. I think it's better to be nice."
"That's true," she said.
"Tio is mean like the troll under the bridge in Three Billy Goat's Gruff."
"You think so?" Grammo asked.
"He doesn't have to be mean. Yup. Just like the troll in Billy Goat's Gruff."
"What about Kit? Is he mean?"
"He's nicer."
"Maybe you should be more like him, then," Grammo suggested.

It's gotta be tough to idolize your big brother and figure out that he can be mean, too. At least, it's not something that he wants to emulate. It turns out that even the troll under the bridge is complicated.