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Moving into summer

I think I have enough brain power to start blogging everyday again. Here are the basics of the past week (to get us movin' on). I felt less tired and more myself. The puppies are ready for their new homes. We still have one left to place but I'm sure she'll find a good home. Mr. And Mrs. Robin are still holding fast with 3 eggs in their next. School ended for the year. Kit made honor role every term (a great acheivement!), Doc did as well as most 1st graders, and Tio screwed the pooch. All his grades dropped and he was in detention all of his final week for acting up constantly in class. (Sigh) Oh well. We move on. The hardtop is off the jeep, I'm starting a diet to lose some weight, and the boys are at day camp 5 days a week -- sounds like summer has started! See you tomorrow.