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Giving us the bird

It's just about time for our baby robins to hatch. I hope we haven't disturbed the nesting so much that they don't. It's been a real treat watching the parents create this little stick home just outside our window. They really are a team. From some quick reading, it turns out these 2 probably only met on the trip north and decided to make a go of it but after this season, they'll find someone else. They'll make 2 or three nest together this summer before getting a birdy divorce.

When the babies hatch, they'll be here for another 2 weeks. Only now the parents won't chirp their disapproval if we peek in the nest or sit too close. They'll start dive bombing us and making life more miserable than a swarm of mosquitoes. I guess we'll start using the garage door. I'd love to be able get some pictures of the wee ones while they grow up but mom and pop may have other plans.

It turns out they have lots of predators including crows, ravens and cats so maybe they weren't so stupid after all building so close to noisy kids, barking dogs and curious me.