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RIp Van Winkled

Sorry, I meant to start writing every day and last night I fell asleep before dark and didn't notice until this morning. Ooops.

I feel like I'm waking up from a 6 month walking deep sleep. The world was churning along without me and all I could do was hang on and watch it go by. Now that I'm starting to come out of this slumber I see the world hasn't changed all that much, but I have. Well, a bit anyway.

When the kids arrived, geez, 2 and a half years ago, I took on the task of making sure they had a good home that is safe, loving, and nurturing. All that has happened but we're not even halfway there. It's been a busy and sometimes tough road but we've stuck to it and everyone is the better for it. As I come out of the cancer daze, I realize that I can't go back to what I'd been doing day in day out.

Thankfully, both Buddy and Tish have really stepped up and taken on a lot of the work. That gives me time and peace of mind to pursue some of my own goals while knowing that we're all chipping away at making sure things get picked up, noses get wiped, tempers quelled, and life goes on. What I have to be careful of is not to automatically go back to doing everything. Some things need doing, others can wait. It's a difficult line for lots of parents to find. But if I'm going to survive the next 6 years with teens in the house, it would behoove me to keep some distance.

In the meantime, two puppies leave tomorrow, I start a new part time job on Monday, Kit has ordered a new MP3 player online, Tio is a scooter fiend, Doc misses school, and Tish and Buddy are working hard. Life is good.

PS> The baby birds have hatched. We have a nest full of fuzz now.