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Where do they hear this stuff?

The boys are swearing at each other with increasing nastiness. Unfortunately, it's a trend that is hard to stop. I'll admit that I drop a few swear words here and there, maybe more than I ought, but not name calling of the racist, sex infested, bullying crap that is leaking out of their lips. This stuff is coming from a different source - Tio.
Where does our young teen get it from? Where doesn't he! Friends, movies, TV, the internet, life in general. This kind of language is so pervasive it's impossible to curtail. The worst part is that Doc, at his single digit age, is the most impressionable and doesn't even understand what he's repeating. Worse, he's using these words at friend's homes and school. The other night he was calling Tio such a harsh name that Tio punched him. Ironically, Tio gave him the word in the first place. Tonight they were calling each other a racist term that even television personalities won't use. A word that is not used in this house.
I came down on all three of them like a ton of bricks. Doc first, to make it clear that if I hear them again there will be real trouble. Then I took the other two out for a spin and nearly knocked their heads together I was so mad. I told them if they can't keep their mouths shut because it's a terrible influence on Doc, they better do because they really won't like the load of trouble I'll bring down on their heads if they keep it up.
I don't think this is the end of it. Using bad language has a strong attraction for kids. Simply because it's taboo is reason enough to swear. They think it sounds cool, or tough, or grown up. Some words are descriptive, abjectives to add weight in a sentence. Others are just plain mean and raw and meant to insult or really hurt. Those are the ones that I truly object to. The older boys know the difference and don't care how damaging it is to their baby brother.
I guess the time has come to make them care.