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This bird has flown

Danny came over this morning to fix some loose boards on the deck. He made such a racket that the first of the robin babies decided it was time to leave home and flew off. The second one went right on her tail. The third one hunkered down, deciding that it was safer to stay put. His momma came and nattered at him to get a move on, even pushed him to the edge of the nest but he wouldn’t budge. A few hours later he spread his wings for the first time and went out to meet the world.

It’s interesting how everyone is different, even the birds. That little sucker stuck to the bottom of the nest until it occurred to his bird brain that his food source had dried up and momma wasn’t coming back. Time to go.

It seems we all face times when we have to ‘jump out of the nest’ for any number of reasons. Some of us leap right away, some follow the leader, and others stick like glue until all other options are exhausted.