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When Tio is at home he speaks like most other ordinary people. But when he’s with a friend, it’s a whole different trip. Yesterday, I picked him and a buddy up from the skate park in the Jeep.

“Dude, did you see the bry double flip I did?”
“Dude, that was a triple tail whip.”
“Dude, nuh huh.”
“Dude, uh huh.”
“Dude, nuh huh.”
“Dude, uh huh.
“Dude, it was a sketchy bry.”
“Dude, sick.”

Maybe we should update our literature so they can understand it better.
“Dude, what big ears you have.”
“Dude, the better to hear you with.”
“Dude, what big eyes you have.”
“Dude, the better to see you.”
“Dude, what big teeth you have.”
“Dude, the better to eat you!”