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Meet the new normal. Same as the old normal.

I went for a big family grocery shop yesterday for the first time since last December. It felt good meandering up and down all the aisles thinking about what we needed, getting the boys new toothbrushes, and buying ice cream and potatoes. It felt really good. As though I was walking for the first time after an accident. Wierd.

I've gone back to work late nights down in my shop pounding and shaping silver into art. I love silver. I love its feel and look and how it forms and shares the light. It's been part of my life for so long that I miss it when I can't work. My fingers haven't been this dirty in months!

Right now, I'm at the skate park watching the boys ride and play, another normal that I missed. Tio's showing Doc some tricks on the new scooter he got for his birthday. And so goes a summer afternoon.

I have a supper planned. Tish will get home soon and the evening will stroll in. I'll read Doc a bedtime story while Kit settles down to computer time, Tio plays video games and Bud drives in from work. The dogs will bark as though they'd never seen this before.

This is as it should be. Nothing profound. Not really mundane, either, even though it is the height of ordinary. Amid the bickering, the meals, the mutual enjoyment are lives led and lives shared. Times and history that will be remembered as pivotal through this next century by all of us.