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A child's vs. adult perspective

For those of you who don't know, my profession is a flutemaker. I've been making professional silver and gold flutes since I was 17 years old. That's 37 years now but who counts, right? Okay, now you know.

A couple of nights ago, Tio played a YouTube video of "beatbox" music for me where one guy uses his mouth and vocal chords to imitate percussion and horns and whathaveyou to make a mishmash of sounds. It was interesting and it took a fair amount of talent and practice to accomplish it. I said so and added, "But it seems kind of pointless."
"Yeah, well flutes are pointless, too," Tio retorted.
"You might think that," I replied.

That's when Buddy jumped in. He was making supper for the boys while we were doing all this. "Flutes are not useless!" he said emphatically. "Flutes put food on this table. Flutes put a roof over your head. Flutes put me through school and allowed my parents to stay home so I could come home from school for lunch. While other kids were eating bagged lunch and coming home to an empty house after school, I had someone there to make something special and say hi when I got home. Flutes make it possible for you to live here."

Way to go, Buddy! I sure didn't expect that. Neither did Tio. I don't think kids really do realize the connection between their well being and their parent's work. Buddy said more but the gist was clear and it hit home how strongly he realized that his world was always connected to mine, even when we were at a distance.

Sometimes I've wished that one of the kids might take an interest in flutemaking and the art I create but I don't see it happening. Buddy and Sugar didn't and these boys don't even ask about the stuff that goes on in my shop, even when they're standing there.