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Au revoir

I seem to be reluctant about getting back into writing the blog since I went home to Canada for a visit. I'm not sure where the pin went into the balloon but I'm having a hard time finding anything fresh to say.

Since I survived cancer and am looking ahead, I feel like all the things I can talk about on the blog have become well trodden ground and that I'm just kicking the same can down the road. Perhaps, my perspective has shifted slightly as much as anything else and I need to find my new voice. But it's been 2 years almost to the day that I started Grampy's Acre and I feel like all I'm reporting on are the mundaneries without anything fresh to add. For instance, it's Homecoming weekend right now and Kit got grounded and can't go to the bonfire. Last year Tio was grounded. How boring is that? What makes it interesting is what I can add and see behind the events and right now I'm not seeing much.

I suppose I'm searching my world with new eyes and trying to assess where I want to fit in and how I might express that best in my writing. The last thing I want to do is get tired of what I write until both you and I stop tuning in.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing our busy and oft times bizarre world. Please hang in there, dear readers, I will be back. If you want to send me an email address, I will send a notice out when I spark up and shine our crazy light into the bloggoworld again.

John Lunn