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A rest is as good as a change

I'm off to Canada tomorrow and today I get to clean up loose ends.

I woke up at 7 this morning listening to Grammo going over the same routine with Kit and Doc. "Stop that." "Get breakfast." "Get dressed." and so forth. This isn't her job. We both schlep these kids around all afternoon and make supper, get the homework done, manage their tempers and needs, and get them off to bed. The morning is Buddy's turn. So what does he do? He gets up 5 minutes before they go out the door, says goodbye and goes back to bed. I told him clearly this morning this has to stop happening. 'Get up when they do and get them ready for school.' "Okay," he says, like its the first time he's heard this and it never occurred to him. Yeah, right.

I hunkered down back to sleep only to be woken to the dulcet tones of Sammy Malone howling in the kitchen. Man almighty. Nonstop. I figured Tish had gone out and the puppy was alone. Turned out she was on the front lawn laughing at the whole thing. Big joke.

Kit's teacher emailed me to say that he's not getting his homework done. I look it over every night but I can't be sure I'm seeing the whole picture - and sometimes wonder. I told her it may stay slack for a week until I get back because his dad won't review it. Buddy barely knows what subjects he has.

Then I hear Tio got a detention for mouthing off in class, something he has insisted he is over. I also have to keep on him to work enough on his homework. He's a minimalist when it comes to that.

I'm going to forget about all of this while I'm away. I'll brush the dog hair off my clothes, hit the road at 8 am and put the family behind me. Tish is taking the week off from work, too. She's staying at home, hoping for some quiet for a few days - just her and the dogs.   Kids will be at school and it's Buddy's weekend.

Maybe when I get home the two of us will be able to face the commotion with more zazz.