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Aw, craps!

I'm still having a hell of a time trying to get Tio to be honest - a regular subject of this blog. Where we left off last he had most of his privileges taken away, lost his new scooter and has to come home on the bus instead of stay after school and hang with his crew.

Yesterday he came to me with an offer to lift some of the restrictions. He made a case for what he's been doing to be trustworthy, that he's doing his homework and getting to bed on time, and how he'll stay within the rules and keep his word. All well and good.

Or not. During all of this happy talk he was lying to me. I asked about one of the things we're dealing with and he lied about it, hoping that my not knowing the truth would give him the opportunity to do as he pleased. Without knowing the lie I agreed to give him a shot at proving himself again and letting him stay after school. 

I learned of the lie today and that he was being a total hypocrate while he earnestly made his plea for trust. The irony is that had he told the truth, I still would have restored his after school freedom. However, he consciously made the choice to lie, it wasn't a misunderstanding or reflexive. He wanted to cover up his intentions which means he'll do it whenever it suits him. I can't decide if he doesn't care or if it's a calculated gamble. It's like a game of Snakes and Ladders where we climb up the ladders and then slide down the snakes all on the roll of the dice. 

Looks like we're back to square one and it's my roll.