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Buddy’s new girl

I mentioned a few days ago that Buddy got a new car, a 1981 Porsche 928. He bought it on a trade for some equipment he had and then see if it was worth salvage or stripping down for parts. Turns out to be neither of those things. He’s fallen in love with it. He always loved this model Porsche best and it is in within a stroke of being roadworthy.

He tinkered all weekend with it, borrowing sandpaper and tarnish remover and crooning over the details. He took Danny and Sugar and each one of the kids out for a spin as though it was a ride at the state fair. He even stood over the open hood, admiring the engine - something I’ve never seen him do on any other car he’s owned. He’s even pulling it into the garage late at night to work on it.

“Meet your Dad’s new girlfriend,” I said to Doc as we sat on the deck and watched Buddy crawl under the car to tighten something. “That’s who Dad will be spending his weekends with from now on.”

“How do you know it’s a she?” Doc asked.
Good question. “Hey, Bud. Is the Porsche a she or a he?”
“Definitely a she,” came the voice from under the car.
I raised my shoulders in resignation. “See?”
“I like her,” said Doc.

That’s good, I thought. It’s better to like your Dad’s new girl straight off rather than resent the attention he spends on her. I just hope the honeymoon lasts because he’s in this relationship for the long haul.