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Leap of Faith

I took a big jump this week and hired Tio to manage my social media. He's 14, immature at times, and not always dependable (nothing unusual for the age). But we have been stuck in a rut trying to move past the usual "when will you grow up?" lecture and I want to break that cycle with something new. I handed over the passwords to my website, facebook, linkedin, twitter, crafthaus, pinterest, youtube, and younameit. He's of the generation who understands and likes these things more than I do and can intuitively figure out how to coordinate, cross reference and run them smoother. I'll continue to post and read stuff from friends and family but he'll operate the sites, update pictures and info, manage the fan pages and work to increase traffic for my flutes, glories and the new Irish whistle that I'm designing.

Besides - I hate doing that stuff. I like creating the pages but run quickly out of steam after that and don't keep it up. It takes way too much time to make it all work. I have this blog and will be starting another one on Crafthaus in a couple of weeks that will keep me plenty busy over and above all the other things I do every day.

My bigger motive is to bring him into a new business venture (the whistles) that he could have a stake in if he sticks with it. He could learn online social media design, advertising and marketing, and once I get set up, could be involved in manufacturing and learn a trade. If we're successful, there's a future in it on a lot of different levels that could give him experience in business and manufacturing here or elsewhere. He's smart, capable, and I think at a good age to get his feet wet in a serious endeavor. If he succeeds it could give him the courage and confidence to try other things, make some money, earn respect and connect outside his local world.

What do they say about never hiring family? We'll see...