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Gay marriage? I'll be happy to survive gay puberty.

I'm really glad the tide is turning on national attitudes towards the gay comminuty. It will make Kit's life so much easier. But there will still be plenty of bumps along the road. This week he told a friend (a boy he might be interested in) that he didn't choose to be the way he is. The way he put it was pretty clear. "It's not like I decided who I was right out of my mother's womb." To which the boy responded, "Exactly. You had the choice to be gay." It caught Kit a bit off guard.

Anyone who knows him and seen what he's gone through in his 12 years would know there was no choice in who he is. The path was set so early that if it wasn't genetically predisposed, it was a damn good imitation. And he's still going through changes and pains over it. I helped him dye his hair a couple of weeks ago and last week, he wore a skirt out in public for the first time when he was at a party with his girlfriends. They all dolled up and walked around town. He told me that he felt great being one of the girls. At the same time, when a substitute teacher mistook him for a girl, he turned bright red (and so did she, according to another teacher).

It's a fascinating study in contradictions and breaking social barriers. I just wish my own grandson didn't have to go through it.