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The World According to Tish

Well, dear friends, here I am again unable to keep up the regular pace of Grampy's Acre. Always wanting to, never finding time, or energy when time allows. I have started an artist/metalsmith blog on a different site because it is part of a scholarship I received and I'm back to working full time while all the world of kids and dogs and whatnot whirls around. So it has left poor old Grampy's Little Acre behind.

The good news is, Grammo has decided she wants to take over this blog for a spell and put her special voice and stamp on the goings-on round here. So you'll be treated to the other half of the leadership team in this madhouse we call home. I know you'll love her perspective and what she has to say.

When I have time again, I'll drop by for an occasional post but for's Tish!