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Eat Pray Hope

The last day of school was Monday <heavy sigh> and day camp doesn't start till next week. A very inconvenient addition to this scenario has been the last 2 days of rain and thunderstorms. Not many opportunities for outside activities. So I did what any rational desperate grandmother would do - got out the DVDs! Each grandson could pick a movie of their choice with no objections from the others. We made it through the afternoon on Monday with few mishaps and after dinner, the boys wanted to continue the movie marathon. Doc was tired and went to bed. Kit wanted to watch the movie Eat Pray Love, which he has seen before. It wasn't what Tio had in mind, but he settled in with no objections.

Well, it seems that Kit only wanted to choose something he knew his brother wouldn't like and left about 10 minutes after it started. Much to my surprise, Tio stayed to watch the film. As he watched, he made interesting comments - he was really paying attention. During the part in Italy, he said, 'Gram, let's learn Italian. Can we do that together?' Ummm, sure! He thought it would be nice to go to Rome at some point so we should plan a vacation there. When the movie went out to India, he made comments about the differences in the cities and why he liked Rome better. He made other comments through out the movie, ending with, 'You know Gram? I really like this movie.'

Really? Who is this person sitting next to me? After just watching what some might consider the ultimate chick flick, my 14 year old, video game obsessed, basketball jock, girl-magnate grandson said he like it.

And then yesterday, while I was making dinner, Tio asked me now that I'm not working what do I do during the day? After talking about some of my new duties as a stay-at-home grandma, he said, 'Gram, don't you wish you had time to do absolutely nothing?'

For a kid whose life is constant turmoil, a kid who has a harder time than the dogs do with self-control, a kid who is so egocentric you'd think he was the only person in the world, this Tio gives me hope! This Tio is thoughtful, hopeful and thinking outside his own little bubble.

Today, I'm going online to get him a travel book about Italy or Rome, or maybe one of Rick Steves' DVDs on traveling in Italy, and definitely looking up how to learn Italian. It's worth a try to keep this Tio's interest in some new things...yes indeed, folks - there's hope!!