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Myths about fitness after 50...

…or in my case, fitness after 60. Running around after 3 active boys at 60 is quite different than running around after them when you’re 30! As I was pondering about just how physically fit I really am and what I could/should be doing to be all that I can be, the AARP Magazine arrived in the mail. Behold! An article on Six Myths About Fitness After 50:

1. Stretching becomes more important after 50 - Fact: In an article in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, research shows that stretching a muscle for a minute or more causes a decline in performance because when it’s released, it contracts and tightens, doing the opposite of what we want it to do.

2. Best way to burn fat is to work out longer - Fact: Exercising more doesn’t help you lose weight but the intensity of the workout will. The article gives the example of running 5 miles burns more calories and boosts your metabolism than walking 5 miles.

3. Cardio matters more than weight training after 50 - Fact: Weight training is just as important as cardio if not more as we age. We lose muscle mass as we age which causes loss of strength, which may not be noticeable at 50, but will start to affect our ability to exercise at all after 60.

4. Doing crunches will get rid of your belly fat - Fact: Spot training doesn’t work. When we exercise we burn up glucose and fat that’s supplied by the bloodstream, not the fat on our bodies. Best way to get rid of belly fat is to eat smart and exercise consistently.

5. You shouldn’t exercise when your sick - Fact: As far as exercise and illness goes, the neck is the dividing line. Symptoms above the neck such as cold symptoms, it’s ok to exercise as long as there’s no fever present. Below the neck chest congestion, stomach flu, etc, it’s better for us to take a couple of days off and rest.

6. You burn more fat when working out hungry - Fact: Looks as though the body burns the same amount of fat whether or not we’ve had anything to eat. But having a small snack can help fuel muscles.

I think I can handle all of the above with making some minor changes to diet and routine...whether I will have more energy for the kids remains to be seen...

Cheerio for now - have a great day everyone!