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Time off for good behavior

John and I are experiencing a rare phenomenom - we are kid-less for a week! The boys left yesterday for several days with their other grandfather. Last week was stressful. Each boy had a certain amount of anxiety about the visit. They usually do. But they are probably having a great time in the sun and surf.

After they left, John was feeling guilty about looking forward to the time off from them. It's not easy raising 3 grandsons. At a time in our lives when our own children are grown and we should be enjoying the empty nest, ours is full again. I have always had a more difficult time with the boys being here than John. The reality is he will be in his mid-60s and I will be my mid-70s before we are kid-free again.

Yes, we are doing what needs to be done. Yes, we are a stable, responsible influence in their lives. Yes, hopefully they will be better off for it. People tell us that all the time. But sometimes it's a conflict to balance our own needs with that of the boys.  Our kid-free time should be guilt-free time. At the very least, we deserve our time off for good behavior.

Peace, love and a sunny day to you all!