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What happened when my son wore a pink headband to Walmart

My sister sent me this link from the Huffington Post. If you have a minute, check it out. To me, it sums up the intolerance in this country for anything different.

I worry about Kit, as he is one of 'those' that could be a victim of  people such as the man in the article. He and I have already had conversations about him dressing more neutral this school year as he enters middle school, and the  attitude in this article is one of the reasons why we've had to talk about it. The older kids get, the more aggressive they get in their actions and the more harm they can inflict. Kit seems agreeable to the wardrobe change and wants to cut his hair short, albeit in a Miley Cyrus cut, and colored blue...the shorter hair isn't a bad thing and a lot of kids - boys and girls - color their hair blue, green, purple, etc. I've known grown men who go for these colors as well.

Maybe we can avoid me having to write 'What happened when my grandson wore pink/lace/camisoles/etc, to middle school.'

Have a great Saturday!