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Inexplicable things

Things are quiet with the other families recently. Since their grampa moved to Cape Cod and Marcia moved back to Arizona the kids don't hear that much from any of them. They all do some talk on facebook and occasionally visit Auntie when she works it out with Buddy.

The only news I guess is that Debbie finally got hauled into court for nonpayment of child support after two years of evading and the judge gave her 8 weeks get her act together and make payments or she will have to go to jail in June. Her response that night was to post a facebook status saying "I'm going to jail" like it simply doesn't cross her mind she should contribute to raising her kids. 

Worse than that, it upset Kit no end who is 'friends' on facebook with her. Why the hell would she post that knowing he reads it? He was sure she was being treated unfairly and said he'd get a job and give her his allowance and whatever else he could do. So we were forced yet another time to drag the children into another emotional discussion of "why mommy is a screw up".

I started by asking him this: "She has a job. Why doesn't she want to help look after you?"
He didn't know.
"The judge said if she pays she won't go to jail," I said. "All she has to do is make payments."
"Why won't she?"
I didn't know.
"Did Dad pay when we lived with her?" he asked.
"Every week."

A month has passed and there still is no payment. Does she really want to go to jail? Does she imagine that after she serves time that her debt is paid and she won't owe child support ever again. I don't understand this at all. She certainly kept running back to court every time Buddy even appeared to step out of line yet she doesn't think the same rules apply to her.

Sooner or later the same rules apply to all of us.